1 day Essential Cycle Mechanics – Triathletes – Saturday 7th March – Shropshire




1 day Mechanics Course Teaching you how to over come the most likely Mechanical issues facing Triathletes during your Race.

As Triathletes we train for months for our special day and pay significant amounts of money for our Race entries !
Why let a simple mechanical issue with your bike ruin your raceday experience, or worse still cause you to retire?

This 1 day course will be held with Carl from Badger Cycles. Carl has over 20 years experience in racing Triathlon at a top age group level as well as being a highly qualified Cycle mechanic with 16 years experience.
Carl has worked as a cycling coach and Mechanic at Club La Santa, Lanzarote as well as offering Mechanics services at hundreds of Triathlon Events in the UK and Spain.

The course will cover the following –

1} Correct Wheel Removal – Tyre Removal / Repair / Replacement / Inner Tubes / Tubeless Options

2} Chain Types – Repair

3} Essential Race Day Tools

4} Safety Checking

5} Gear Adjustments – Derailers and Operation

6} Brakes – Service and adjustment / Rim and Disk

7} Basic Bike Fitting

8} Wheels – Understanding the components and what can go wrong?

9} Tips and Secrets about Bike Maintenace to make you go faster!!

Each Day course will start at the venue at 10.00am and finish at 15.45 …… We will take a Lunch and Coffee break
which will be 30 Mins. Bring your own Lunch but Tea and Coffee will be provided throughout the day.



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